Shoes of Success is a program that aims to promote and enhance the value, status and influence of young women through shoes.

SHOES provide the foundation for the image that we want to broadcast to the world.  We wear them as a way to play with aspects of our identity in a less committed way than any other visible marker such as a haircut or color. We can change that message every day or more if we choose, by changing our shoes. 

A pair of flats shows our stability, a pair of sneakers gives a nod toward our athletic abilities, pumps tell the world we are all business, and high heels declare elegance.

Most women will tell you that they love their shoes because of the way the shoes make them feel. We have an obsession with shoes! It is through shoes that a woman can define herself. The shoe is able to shape the image presented to the world, while simultaneously shaping the woman.

Social and Business Etiquette

IF THE SHOE FITS – Finding your purpose.  

We are about much more than simply a new pair of shoes. We strive for a world where all women are financially independent, are treated with dignity and respect and are directly impacting their lives and those of their families. We aspire to a world that fully harnesses the power of women and recognizes their role in economic sustainability.

Health & Wellness

SARAH Smile – Self Care

This program is a support group for girls who have suffered from depression, loss, addiction, or abuse of any kind. It is for those who need to be inspired to find a way out. We are a support group and a resource for healing. We invite all who wish to renew, refresh, and reaffirm. 


DAMSELS United – Connecting & Supporting 

Girls struggle to make their voices heard. To succeed, we first have to fight the limitations imposed on us by society and the traditional assumptions. In order to create lasting success, we have to help one another and band together as a team. Every girl has the right to realize her full potential. 


A step of faith – The Right Path

We believe that by building up a girl’s agency and knowledge, better synergies between gender equality and economic sustainability are realized, enabling her to generate a long-term impact in both her private and public life. Learning is Power!


“One Shoe Can Change Your Life” – Cinderella    

Making the right choices for your future.